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When balancing process heating costs and product quality can be troublesome, induction heating provides the solution to the said issue. Induction heating is not only unique, it is also very efficient. With this method, heat is actually induced within the part itself by circulating electrical currents.

Perfect Induction has grown in both size and reputation to become one of Malaysia’s leading induction heating specialist. Acknowledged as technologically advanced, we are the preferred optimal induction heating solutions to all our customers.

We offer a full sophisticated service, having sought out to bring continuous improvement to all areas of our business. Our fully-integrated induction heating system covers many applications including surface hardening, melting products and removing paint.

Perfect Induction also provide expertise in the Design and Manufacturing for complete solution for your industrial heating requirements and we constantly strive to meet new needs as they arise. We propose real help and advice, when and where it is needed.

Here at Perfect Induction, we always regard ‘Quality, Cost, Delivery’ as our direction, that focuses on providing the best service quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We are committed to ensure that our business practices are safe, responsible and transparent.

We are dedicated and looking forward to create solutions for your business needs. Find out more about Perfect Induction and our services here or feel free to contact us for more information.

Perfect Induction – Integrated Thermal Engineering.

Our Approach
  Our Values  

We are working towards becoming the trusted name internationally in Thermal Engineering industry and stand out in all the products that we provide through its advanced technology and quality on all markets through the excellence of our service.


  • Our service to customers has to be customer-driven, providing sustainable work ecosystem for the most competitive price on the market.
  • Encourage an efficient, responsible and profitable business in a way that respects people and environment in pursuit global standards throughout all levels of our operation.
  • Continuous innovation of neo-technology headed for the best solution to the needs of our customers in line with our aim to play a positive role and contribute effectively in the Thermal Engineering industry.

We believe that we can solve any heating problem and new methods are continually being developed to suit ever evolving technologies in various industries.

With continuous improvement and innovation, we have earned reputation for reliable services and quality products.

We currently have dedicated engineers and technicians with vast experience ever ready to offer on-site personnel or technical support besides possessing ample equipment line to accommodate the demands of our customers and provide them with value added services.  

Our goal is to operate without significant incidents making safety our highest priority.

We will be obeying all safety values and basics where everyone is expected to make these values and basics as a way of living and working.

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